Why Is It Important to Choose The Right Teacup?

Why Is It Important to Choose The Right Teacup?

The art of tea is an ancient one, but that doesn't mean it's static. In fact, the way you drink tea and the cup you use can make a big difference to the experience. As with any aspect of life, be mindful of how your choice affects others around you. Among the teacups, Jianzhan is the best match for tea.

What is the Tenmoku glaze?

The Tenmoku glaze is a type of earthy, brown glaze that was used in Japanese tea ceremony ceramics. It's made by firing the pottery at a low temperature and letting it cool down slowly. This leaves some of the clay unfired, so you can see through it to the color underneath. The Tenmoku teacup has many benefits for brewing tea:

It allows you to view your tea leaves as they steep. The unfired clay allows light to shine through and illuminate them from within, making it easy to see when they're ready for drinking!

Because it has no added colors (unlike most other styles), this cup will allow you to experience all of nature's colors as well as aromas in full detail and clarity.


The importance of the shape

The shape of a cup can affect the taste of your tea in many ways. The first thing to consider is that because of the way that light reflects off of certain materials, different shapes will show you different things in your tea. For example, if you were drinking green tea and had two cups with similar diameters but different depths (the amount of liquid they hold), one would allow more light to shine through it than the other—and this would result in an entirely different aesthetic experience.

Another important factor is how much surface area there is between what's inside your cup and what's outside of it: if there's a lot compared to how much there is inside, then more air will reach your nose as soon as you bring it up from its steaming hot water bath; if not enough space has been left between these two layers then it may take longer for enough oxygen molecules from outside environment come into contact with those inside vessel (this could also be caused by having too much milk foam on top).

How does the shape of the cup affect the taste of the tea?

The shape of the cup affects two things:

Temperature: The size and shape of a teacup can help control the temperature of your tea. A larger, more rounded cup will hold heat longer than a smaller, flatter one because it has more surface area for heat to be absorbed.

Aroma: The shape of your cup also plays an important role in how much aroma you experience from your tea. As with temperature, larger cups with flat surfaces have more room for steam clouds to develop and expand compared to smaller cups with narrower openings. But aroma isn't just about steaming up your experience; it's also about smelling what's inside! If you're drinking a black tea that smells strongly roasted or earthy (like Lapsang Souchong), then you'll want something with few rims or edges so that all those rich aromas don't get trapped too easily in hard-to-reach places within the container itself. On the other hand if you're drinking something like an oolong which has fruity notes (like jasmine), then consider using a more open vessel so that those floral smells can flow freely up into your nose as well!

The color also affects your tea experience.

You’ll likely have noticed that Tenmoku teacups are not only considered to be the finest, but they are also all different colors. The color of your cup can affect the taste and experience of drinking tea in ways you might not expect! For example:

Color affects temperature – If you choose a darker colored cup, it will absorb more heat than a lighter colored one would. This means that your tea will stay hot for longer with a darker colored cup versus a lighter one.

Color affects aroma – Lighter shades allow the aroma of your tea to be more noticeable and prominent compared to darker shades which tend to absorb more light and therefore reduce how strong the smell is coming from inside them (and therefore from your pot).

It's important to choose a teacup that won't let you down.

Tenmoku teacups are beautiful to look at, functional, affordable, durable and useful. They're also fun!

If you love tea and want to enjoy it in the best possible way, then owning a tenmoku teacup is for you.

The cups have a lot of benefits, but you have to choose one that fits your needs. The most important thing is to make sure it won’t let you down when it comes time for tea.

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