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Feng Shui Bagua For 5 Different Colors' Tenmoku Teacup

Feng Shui is closely related to our daily life. What is the significance of Artteacup JianZhan Tenmoku teacups in terms of Feng Shui and why does color matter?  According to the definition on "": Feng Shui is "the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house". 

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First of all, china porcelain is the key. Porcelain is made from mud. The five elements belong to the earth, and their chemical properties are highly stable. Both the royal family and the common people kept porcelain in their homes in ancient times, because porcelain can bring peace, defuse evil spirits, promote wealth and attract luck in love.

Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup Glazing Color

Before we talk about the placement & location, COLOR plays a significant role.

1. Harmonious Blue Teacup

Blue teacups and Feng Shui will be more harmonious. Because blue is also the color of water, it is more compatible with water. Therefore, when using a blue teacup, a mutual effect can be produced between the cup and the water. Such a teacup is suitable for a person. It's very beneficial.

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Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup Glacier

2. Deep Black Teacup

The black teacup gives the feeling of calm. This kind of teacup generally does not bring much harm when using it, but it doesn't have any negative effects as well. So, if you don't want your cup to have any effects on your fortune, it is recommended to use a black teacup. The Feng Shui of the teacup can be calm.

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Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup Far Mountain

3. Pure White Teacup

The water is clean and transparent, which matches the white teacup very well. Because a white cup means clean. If you use a white cup to drink water, you can make your body healthier. However, it should be noted that if you want to use a white cup, it is recommended to use a porcelain material, which is better for Feng Shui.

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Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup Shinozaki

4. Golden Yellow Teacup

The golden yellow teacup is a kind of fortune lucky teacup. Because golden yellow is a lucky color, and water also has the meaning of wealth, using a yellow cup is undoubtedly equivalent to having both fortune and the power to bring fortune. This is very effective for improving Feng Shui. Therefore, if you want to have good fortune, it is recommended to use a golden yellow cup.

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Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Tea Set Gilt

5. Noble Brown Teacup

Many people also use brown teacups. An important feature of this kind of teacup is that it is suitable for everyone. No matter what kind of person you are, a brown teacup brings you a better fortune. Even if the fortune cannot be improved by the brown teacup, at least it will not destroy the fortune. In this way, brown teacups are very secure.

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Art Tea Cup Feng Shui Blog JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup Lotus

Now, we have a better sense of how different colors affect your Feng Shui. Let's start exploring and choosing your favorite teacups to improve the Feng Shui around you!

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