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Feng Shui of Teacup Placement & Position

The placement of the teacup determines your career fortune and the wrong placement or position of the teacup causes Feng Shui tragedy. In the last article, we explained how the color of a teacup affects your Feng Shui. However, the placement of everything in a house is one of the most influential elements in Feng Shui, including the places you never put teacups.

Placement of Direction 

1. On the left is the Qinglong out of the water 

The teacup is placed on the left side to form the Qinglong water outlet. In such a teacup placement, personal factors are generally not the most significant. Because the water is out of the water, meaning current fortune and career prospects are bright.

2. On the right is the solution to the troubling situation

In Feng Shui, the teacup placed on the right side can be approximated as the knife mountain and fire sea (to describe the most dangerous place). In such a teacup placement, the personal fortune has been locked and the career fortune will be very difficult. There will be a benefactor to provide you with assistance if you persevere through the most difficult times, and your career fortune will also be a long swim in the shallows if you give up halfway. Therefore, placing the teacup on the right side represents letting one's career fortune die and then being reborn.

3. The front is the surrounded by all sides

Placing the teacup in front will create a dilemma in Feng Shui. It has formed a "sink" for oneself when someone places the teacup in front. Whether it is wealth or career fortune, it is hard to escape. However, such a situation is not unsolvable. You can place another teacup in another position to form living water, and this calamity is naturally solvable. For people who do not understand the dilemma of the teacup, placing the cup in front of them will turn their career fortune into a stagnant pool.

Placement at Home

1. If there are more females in the family, it means the family is more Yin in Feng Shui. Because teacups belong to Yin in Feng Shui, the teacups should be placed on the south side to avoid continuing to add Yin to the family. The South's five elements belong to fire, which will largely offset the influence of the teacups.

2. If there are more males in the family, the family has more Yang in Feng Shui. In this case, it is best to place the teacups in the center of the living room. The "center" represents "soil" in Feng Shui. The soil generates the wood, and the wood generates the water. So, it can balance out the excessive Yang in the home.

3. If there are more aged people at home, the layout of Feng Shui cannot be too biased toward the Yin. The body of the elderly has already lost the Yang. If the Yin in the home is too strong, it will affect the health of the elderly at home. It will be a good choice to place the teacups on the west side. The West's five elements belong to metal, and metal restrains wood. It can suppress the Yin of the house.

4. If there are more children at home, the family needs to provide a lot of Yang at the beginning of children's growth. Yang is the source of a person's solid foundation. It cannot be repaired if the root has broken. So, when facing the home, it is best to place your teacups in the east. The East's five elements belong to wood. The wood is lush, and the water is pure. It's helpful for children's growth and health.

Placement at Office / Home Office

1. If you work alone in the office, it is very suitable to put the teacup on the left side of the desk. We discussed Qinglong's position above as being helpful for career fortune. It is conducive to the accumulation of wealth. Besides, the tea set is suitable for the left side of the office entrance. It is beneficial to the business.

2. If you work with one person side-by-side, the teacup needs to be placed between you in the middle to moisturize your relationship with a colleague. If you work in the middle of three people, the left-hand side will be the better choice. Remember, a round shape teacup is better than other shapes.

3. If you have a tea table in your office, your seat must be a chair with a backrest and your back against the wall. It means that you always have backup power when doing things.

The Places You Never Put Teacups

1. Bedside area near your head

It means any area near your head when you are sleeping. The water in the teacup will cause Feng Shui to shake. Keeping the teacup beside your head when you sleep for a long time reduces sleep quality, affects your emotion, and causes illness. In addition, it's hard to gather wealth.

2. Tea table never faces the entrance of the home or office
Some people like to put the tea table at the entrance for the convenience of entertaining guests. However, it is a serious Feng Shui taboo. The entrance is the place where the airflow is the most intense. An intense magnetic field at the entrance will scatter wealth luck and impede career and wealth luck if a hedge is formed, and it is easy to lead to the loss of wealth.
3. Don't put any broken teacups anywhere in your office or home

A broken cup affects Feng Shui heavily because of the sharp corners. Especially on wealth and relationships. Therefore, throw the broken teacups away before it causes you to lose money, increase your life pressure, or destroy your relationship with anyone.

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