Our Craftsman

Art Tea Cup JianZhan Tenmoku Craftsman Derek Schmitz
Derek Schmitz was born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1958, and has been in the pottery/porcelain industry for over 40 years. He is the most experienced craftsman in the Art Tea Cup team.
The reason for the high price of JianZhan teacup is the long period of labor and the high destruction rate. We are destroying the failure and only putting the best perfect JianZhan on our website.
His striving personality doesn't allow him to have any tiny defects in his products. So, Derek has the highest destruction rate in Art Tea Cup, and his products are best-selling as well. 
Art Tea Cup JianZhan Tenmoku Craftman Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia, 45 years old (1977). He was born in the small town of Boston, has been making pottery for 20 years now, and his father David Garcia was a pottery man as well. 
Joseph was a high school teacher that teaches ceramic after graduation. However, because of his passion for handwork, Joseph quit his job and started to run his pottery studio, then joined the Art Tea Cup team. He could put more time & effort into pottery making.
Joseph Garcia's favorite works are Golden Drops, Gold, CranesColorful Cranes.
Art Tea Cup JianZhan Tenmoku Craftsman Canwen Hu
Canwen Hu, the master craftsman of Art Tea Cup. He was born in 1963, in Jingdezhen (town)of Jiangxi, China. Canwen has been making JianZhan for over 30 years now. 
It is his idea to show the works on the website and spread this culture to every corner of the world. He also innovated coffee mugs & sake sets in JianZhan style for the multi-culture. All the teacups, teapots & tea sets, including coffee mugs & sake sets, are made by his or his student's hands. Canwen spent his entire life in the kiln for his perfect works.
He loves all the JianZhan that he made, but his favorite works are Succulent, Golden PeacockGolden Tea Set, Mulan Tea Set...  
Canwen Hu says: "Every JianZhan has unique characteristics, just like people have different personalities."
Art Tea Cup JianZhan Tenmoku Craftsman Jing Li
Jing Li is Canwen's best student. She started learning from Canwen when she graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institue, which is almost 20 years from now. The only female craftsman in Art Tea Cup.
Jing was a part-time tea leaf sale during her student period. That is why she has a passion for tea & making porcelain teaware. 
Because of her wonderful childhood and the influence of her parents, Jing gave up the opportunity to work in a developed city and decided to stay where she comes from for giving back to the community. Jing will donate $1 to the elementary school for every teacup sold. She has already donated over $2000 for the children that cannot afford daily clothes and food.
Jing's favorite works are Fairy II, FilmFairy TeapotRainbow Tea Set...She thinks those colorful art pieces that represent her beautiful life.
Art Tea Cup JianZhan Tenmoku Craftsman Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis comes from France and was born in 1978. However, he grew up in Detroit, USA. He has over 25 years of work experience in the pottery industry.
Kenneth specializes in making JianZhan style coffee mugs"It's amazing to make a craft that contains multi-culture!" 
His favorite works are Texture Coffee Cup, Vintage Coffee Cup, Succulent Coffee Cup & Palm Coffee Cup.