If you haven't used this teacup, you are wasting good tea

If you haven't used this teacup, you are wasting good tea

Customers who often buy my tea cups know that my tea cups can retain the original taste of tea leaves. This craft of making tea cups was passed down to me by my father.

Seeing this, some readers may ask, is there still a teacup in the world that will make tea lose its original taste?

What I want to say is that 99% of the tea cups will change the taste of the tea leaves, because they are made by ordinary craftsmanship, and the craftsmen who make them basically do not know how to control the temperature, resulting in the uneven material of the tea cups made, and it is easy to remove the soil in the soil. The flavor is carried into the tea, so the tea leaves are wasted.

If you are new to tea, you may not feel the difference in tea. But if you do some research on tea, then the tea brewed from an ordinary teacup and a tenmoku teacup is obviously different.

Friends who often drink tea should understand what I mean.

If the tea you buy is ordinary supermarket tea, you may not care, but if you buy precious tea such as Dahongpao, which is more expensive than gold, then don't drink it from ordinary teacups.

Just like drinking tea from a teacup, there is a lot of attention to it.

People often say that the tenmoku tea cup I make is a shit tea cup. It looks ordinary, but it is so expensive, but what they don't know is that the real tenmoku tea cup takes more than 3 days to make.

Why does it take so long? Of course, it is to let the tea give full play to its taste effect, so that tea drinkers can enjoy a good cup of tea.

Many bosses have bought tenmoku tea cups from me, and the original is nothing more than one. Their tea is very expensive, and they do not want the tea to lose its original taste.

Even glass made of silica cannot retain the original taste of tea leaves, let alone ordinary tea cups?

Someone said before that the tenmoku tea cup I made is a shit tea cup, I disagree, I think tenmoku is an art tea cup, so I want people to know that tea is art, and tea cups are a higher art than tea.

After experiencing the art tea cup like tenmoku tea cup to drink tea, I am no longer interested in all other tea cups.

Why? Because the tea brewed from ordinary tea cups is not too difficult to drink, you will know if a tea cup is made with heart.

If you don't want to waste your tea, I suggest you try my art tea cup early.

When you experience the art tea cup made by the tenmoku process, you will feel that all the tea leaves were wasted by me.