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Why Chinese Teacups So Small?

Back in ancient China, Chinese people always drink tea with small teacups (including JianZhan Tenmoku teacup) that did not even help to get rid of thirst. Although, the host teacup is a little bigger (around 100ml). However, why do their teacups are so small?

First of all, Chinese people don't drink tea only when they're thirsty and tea usually makes you feel even more thirsty. Drinking tea is more like a hobby or cultural thing.

The main reason for the small cups is because they're better for taste and appreciation of fine quality teas. The small cups allow you to appreciate the taste and flavor of each stage of the tea. A pot of tea leaves usually has less than 1o infusions. With the small cups, you can feel the different tastes from strong to light apparently.

Because people brew tea with boiled water, small cups also help the tea cool down faster and get ready for the next cup.

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