Art Tea Cup blog post Gongfu Tea Brewing Introduction

Gongfu Tea Brewing Introduction

If you are confused about why a JianZhan tea set has so many accessories and how to use them, Art Tea Cup will show you the simple & easy way to brew gongfu tea. Every part of a JianZhan Tenmoku tea set has its use.

Main Accessories
1. Teapot - A teapot is a tea leaf container. It is preferred for all gongfu teas, and 250ml is the best choice.
2. GaiWan - GaiWan has the same use as the teapot, but it's harder to use. It has 3 parts that are lid, saucer & bowl. They are representing heaven, earth, and the person in the middle respectively.
3. TeaCup - Compared to others, the gongfu teacup is really small. It is to emphasize the enjoyment of every drop of tea and to value quality over quantity when the temperature is perfect.
4. TeaPitcher - A tea pitcher is a container of tea liquid and it shares tea with teacups.
5. Filter - The filter is a small part that uses to avoid tea leaves when we pour tea from the teapot/GaiWan to the tea pitcher.
6. SpringWater - The spring water comes from nature and it has not been processed.

Gongfu Brewing Processes
1. Rinse teapot/GaiWan and teacups with hot spring water.
2. Use hot spring water to infuse the tea leaves in teapot/GaiWan to wash the dust on the tea leaves, and to "awake" tea. Especially old tea leaves. Then abandon the first infusion.
3. Smell the aroma in the lid of the teapot/GaiWan and pass it around to share the joy.
4. Use hot spring water to infuse the tea leaves again, brew it for around 5-15 seconds (depends on a different kind of tea leaf). Then pour the tea liquid from the teapot/GaiWan into the tea pitcher through the filter.
5. Share every teacup from the tea pitcher, and everyone can enjoy their first cup of tea.
Notice: 10-15 infusions max.
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