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Best Gift For Elderly Parents

Giving older parents a gift is a huge challenge because aged people already go through so many things we have yet to experience. Due to Mother's Day & Father's Day on Sunday, May 8th, 2022 & Sunday, June 19th, 2022, Art Tea Cup will solve this issue for you. 
Gifting teacups is a thoughtful idea for parents. In China, the teacup symbolizes supreme respect. By gifting the teacup to parents, we express our gratitude for life and nurturing. Jian Zhan Tenmoku Teacup is the most historically significant teacup and has a denser quality than glass & ceramic, making it very durable.
1. JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup - Bamboo
The durability, strength, flexibility, and resilience of bamboo make it a symbol of longevity. Standing tall and staying green year-round, it survives in the harshest conditions.
2. JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup - Persimmons
Persimmons are auspicious plants. Their fruits are smooth and round, and they are golden in color. It means everything works out well and all wishes are granted. Additionally, it represents a career opportunity and a sign of success.
3. JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup - Sunflower
Guarding without receiving anything in return, like sunflowers waiting for the sun, or our parents caring for us without asking for anything in return, but with warmth. Therefore, the gift of a sunflower teacup is a gesture of gratitude to parents.
4. JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup - Jade
Gifting teacup Jade is bringing peace, health, and virtue to the receiver. 
5. JianZhan Tenmoku Teacup - Jadeite
Jadeite represents strength & luck and brings positive health. It's an ideal gift for the elderly.
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